Sunday ~ April 8, 2018

Nota bene! The meeting time has changed. Starting this week the study now begins at 4:00pm and ends at 5:00pm.

Acts 8:26-40

In this portion of his history, Luke tells us of a providentially orchestrated meeting between Philip and a court official of Candace, queen of the Ethiopians. This man was reading from the prophet Isaiah in his chariot when Philip approached. The Holy Spirit through Philip gave him understanding of the text, and he believed and was baptized. Join us as we discuss from this passage the nature of baptism, and examine the teaching of the Shorter Catechism (Q&A 94) on this topic as well. Please consider praying for us. No one lights a candle and hides it under a bushel.

Lastly, all are welcome to our monthly fellowship meal, meeting this week at the home of Tyler and Marylynn Gaastra. Please join us!