Sunday ~ April 1, 2018

Acts 8:14-25

The power to believe comes from God, the Scriptures teach. But where does the power to persist in belief come from? Simon the magician made a good start in the gospel, but soon attempted to purchase the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Peter speaks to him sternly and calls him to repentance. Please join us as together we learn from God’s Word, and pray that God would save us too from “the gall of bitterness” and “the bond of iniquity” (v. 23). How often we try to make deals with God and purchase his favor or blessing with our works or money. May God save us from this mercenary attitude, and pour out his grace on his people. Our study begins at 4:30 at Raybrook Manor, and all are welcomed to celebrate with us on this and every Lord’s Day the resurrection of Christ from the dead.