Sunday ~ March 18, 2018

Please join us this Lord’s Day afternoon at 4:30, as we study Acts 8:1-8. In this chapter, Luke records for us the accounts of Saul ravaging the church, and Philip preaching in Samaria. As the church is scattered due to persecution, it moves into Samaria, in fulfillment of Christ’s command in Acts. 1:9: “And you will be my witnesses in…Samaria.” The life of the church today, just as at the beginning, is one where suffering and hardship (v. 3) are mingled with great joy (v. 8). Invite your friends as we seek to plant a simple, confessional presbyterian witness near Calvin College.

Sunday ~ March 11, 2018

The stoning of Stephen: chapter 7:54-60 of Acts concludes with Luke’s account of the first Christian martyr and his violent death. Full of the Holy Spirit, Stephen begs forgiveness for his murderers, and a young man named Saul is there watching. How may we have courage in our trials, and how may we learn to rely upon the grace of God in trouble whether great or small? Please join us as we study the word of God and seek comfort and consolation from him. We meet at 4:30 PM at Raybrook Manor, and all are welcome.

Sunday ~ March 4, 2018

“I have surely seen the affliction of my people who are in Egypt.” With these words, Stephen makes his defense against a hostile audience in Acts 7. Please join us this Sunday at 4:30 PM at Raybrook Manor, as together we study vv. 30-53. We will also pray and sing psalms and hymns together. Afterward, we will enjoy our monthly fellowship meal hosted by Tyler and Marylynn Gaastra. Please join us and invite your friends and relatives as we seek to plant an Orthodox Presbyterian Church right next to Calvin College.

Sunday ~ February 25, 2018

This week we continue our study of Acts with chapter 7:9-29. Stephen continues his Old Testament history lesson, explaining to the hostile Sanhedrin that the whole history of the people of Israel was moving toward Christ Jesus our Messiah. If you are interested in helping us plant a confessional, theologically conservative church directly next to Calvin College please join us for study, prayer, and the singing of psalms and hymns. And join us the following week for our fellowship meal following the study.

Sunday ~ February 18, 2018

Please join us this Lord’s Day at 4:30 PM as together we study Acts 7.1-8. Stephen before the high priest begins to make a defense of the Christian faith as drawn from the Old Testament promises. We will learn how Abraham is our spiritual father, and we ourselves are sojourners in a land belonging to others. For here we have no continuing city. Please invite your friends as well to join us for song, prayer, and refreshments afterward. We meet at Raybrook Manor in the chapel.

Sunday ~ February 11, 2018

This Sunday we will hear from Rev. Jonathan Cruse, Pastor at Community Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Rev. Cruse will be teaching on Mark 4.21-34, where our Lord explains three parables about the kingdom of heaven. Dr. Noe will resume teaching from Acts 7, God willing, the following week, Feb. 17.

This Sunday after the study, all are invited to the Noe home for a fellowship meal. We will gladly provide transportation to and from our home if you need it, and our address is 5726 Clements Mill Dr. Ada, MI. Please invite your friends, roommates, dormmates, and others (Luke 14.23) for a home-cooked meal.

Sunday ~ January 21, 2018

Who was the first martyr in the Christian church? The man named Stephen – Greek for “crown” – was just chosen as one of the original seven deacons. In Acts 6.8-15, Luke tells us how he was arrested on false charges and wrongly accused of disrespecting the Mosaic law. What is the relationship between the law of Moses and the new covenant which our Lord Jesus Christ instituted? Please join us as we discuss these and other questions, and also pray and sing together. If you are not able to or not interested in attending, we humbly ask that you pray that God would establish our study as a church plant in the near future, to minister to the core families that by God’s grace have gathered together, to the neighborhood around Calvin College, and to the Calvin College students who are partnering with us. All are welcomed!

Sunday ~ January 14, 2018

What is the role of deacon in the church? Is it a practical office, spiritual office, or both? How are decisions to be made in the church, and how are we supposed to be generous to one another? Please join us to discuss these and other questions as we look at the book of Acts 6.1-7. We will also sing psalms and hymns, pray together, and enjoy light refreshments afterward. All are welcomed!

Sunday ~ January 7, 2018

Happy New Year!

This week we’ll take a break from our study in Acts as Pastor Dave Vander Meer from Rockford Springs Community OPC leads us through an overview of the book of Habakkuk. Please join us for prayer, song, study, and a fellowship meal afterward.

Note that the fellowship meal this week will be held at Raybrook, in the Friendship Room, immediately following the Bible study. We hope to see you there!

December 24 & 31, 2017

Please note that we are not meeting on December 24, nor on December 31, with many families and students traveling for the holidays. We will resume the study on Sunday, January 7, 2018. Lord willing, we will see you back then as we pick up the study in Acts 6. Have a safe and blessed holiday!